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C++ source code available

July 6th, 2009

A first release of the C++ source code for the modules mxm-coremxm-dataobject, basic-metadata-engine and metadata_mxm_test have been committed today on the MXM svn repository.

The committed source code can be retrieved with an svn-update and it’s located in

The project files for win32 (visual studio 9.0) are located in

The project files for linux (g++) are located in

With the mxm_core you can enjoy loading and managing the different MXM engines in a common enviroment. The mxm_dataobject can be used to wrap a generic MXM schema in a set of C++ classes. The basic_metadata_engine is a very simple implementation of the MXM MetadataEngine (it retrieves the mpeg-7 title of a mpeg-7 document) and can be used as an example on how to create a MXM engine. Finally, the metadata_mxm_test is deployed to test the basic_metadata_engine.

Any information regarding the MXM C++ source code can be found here:

Enjoy the MXM C++ code :)

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