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Starting development in C++

Not having a single line of code in this project in C++, and having successfully compiled the C++ projects, makes me an ideal commentor for “How to Start Development in C++”.

These are the stages you will have to follow.

  1. First, take a look at this previous post. .
  2. Obtain the code from the repository.
  3. Install a Visual C++ 2008 compiler. If you cannot pay the license, you can download the “Visual C++ 2008 Express” edition. It is free and it has everything you may need to start working.
  4. Install “log4cxx” and compile it. It is the equivalent of log4j in c++. You may be a hero, and correct the several bug this version has (unconceivable, but it is so). Or you may trust others heros who did it. The resulting log4cxx.dll file should be available in the PATH. Don´t forget making available the .lib files to the linker.
  5. Install “codexynthesis XSD“. It generates C++ wrappers from XSD schemas, much like JAXB does. It includes Xerces for C++, whose .lib should be available for the MXM projects. The XSD executable, should be available in the PATH also.
  6. Open the MXM projects from Visual Studio and compile. If you adore black screens, you can also install ant (or even worse, maven). But before, you should make Visual Studio binaries in the path, running VCVARS32.bat (available in the bin folder of Visual Studio).
  7. If you use Visual Studio, you will have to update all the directories (folders for includes, etc.) to your computer´s configuration.
  8. Voila! It should compile.
  9. To test the metadata engine, there is a .EXE application which needs three parameters to be run (log4cxx.properties, MXMConfiguration.xml properties and metadata.xml itself)…. You should create an adequate log4cxx.properties file, and you should change the parameters in the MXMConfiguration.xml to your choice (for example, change the folders etc.)
  10. Good luck!

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