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Preliminary implementation of a Java LicenseProtocolEngine

October 6th, 2009

–by Filippo

A preliminary implementation of the LicenseProtocolEngine has been committed to the MXM svn repository. This can be used to perform the client and the server part of the MXM License Protocols defined in 23006-4:

  • On the client side, the engine can be used
    • to store License templates on a License Provider Device. See org.dmp.chillout.mxm.licenseprotocolengine.StoreLicenseProtocolDispatcher
    • to request a License to a License Provider Device. See org.dmp.chillout.mxm.licenseprotocolengine.AccessLicenseProtocolDispatcher
  • On the Server side, it can be used to parse the received messages and generate the response.

A very basic example of an MXM-based License Provider Device has also been provided in folder /JAVA/trunk/mxm-apps/chillout-mxm-lpd. After building the project using maven, the generated chillout-mxm-lpd-0.2.0.war file can be deployed under Tomcat. If the server is running, by visiting the URL http://localhost:8080/chillout-mxm-lpd/servlet/AxisServlet (or http://localhost:8080/chillout-mxm-lpd-0.2.0/servlet/AxisServlet depending on your Tomcat configuration) you will see the two services: StoreLicenseRequestProcessor and RequestLicenseProcessor up and running.

To test the client side of the LicenseProtocolEngine, the following test classes can be run as JUnit tests:


If the chillout-mxm-lpd web application is running, the tests will be executed successfully.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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