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Generic Metadata Engine

August 25th, 2010

Dear all,
I’m happy to inform that we’ve successfully integrated (on win32 side) and commited on the mxm svn repo the Generic Metadata Engine.

It provides get and set functionality for a core set of MPEG-7 metadata properties of multimedia items, compatible with the set defined by the W3C Media Annotations WG. Using identifiers of segments, the engine can also be used to get and set metadata of arbitrary media fragments. The C++ implementation of the engine is based on the MPEG-7 library provided by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

The documentation about this engine can be found on the svn repo on the “docs” folder and on the mxm site on the tab “Development Corner -> C++ build”

For any further information please contact the mpeg7lib@joanneum.at email address

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