March 3rd, 2010

Checking out the MXM source code (C++)

The C++ MXM software is located here.

The following users have read access to the repository:

  • sc29wg11 with current password
  • mxmpubro with mpegmxmro password

MPEG-member accounts have read-write access to the main svn repository and read-only access to mxmsvn by default. Upon request member accounts can be upgraded to read-write access of mxmsvn.

Prepare your enviroment

windows side:  Set up <WORKSPACE_FOLDER>

  • open dos terminal box
  • cd C:\
  • exit

linux side:  Set up <WORKSPACE_FOLDER> and MXM_WORKSPACE environment variable

  • cd
  • export MXM_WORKSPACE

Check-out the code

In order to checkout the source code you need a subversion client.  To checkout the trunk source code with a command-line SVN client, open the terminal window, cd to <WORKSPACE_FOLDER> and type the following command:

svn co http://wg11.sc29.org/mxmsvn/repos/C/trunk mxm-cpp

It will create a folder called mxm-cpp in <WORKSPACE_FOLDER> with all the C++ MXM source code