Including MPEG-4 3D graphics in your application

June 30th, 2009

Authors: Ivica ARSOV ( and Marius PREDA (marius.preda@

Abstract: Including mp3, aac, jpeg, mp4 video in third party applications is nowadays a beginner job. The complexity of such codecs is hidden behind a very simple communication interface once the content is decoded: matrix of pixels for images and wave samples for audio. Transposing the same principle in Computer Graphics world is a challenge due to the variety of representation forms and also the complexity and heterogeneity of data to be transferred: vertex position,  normals and tangents, color and texture as well as their variation in time. The application proposed here shows how using the MXM3DGraphicsEngine and its set of APIs, the complex integration work is simplified. With only some lines of code, Ogre3D, a very well known 3D graphics rendering engine, is transformed in an MPEG-4 3D graphics player.

MXMEngines: 3DGraphicsEngine as part of MediaFrameworkEngine for decoding 3D Graphics content

Implementation Details:

  • Programming Language: C++.
  • External software: Ogre3D (;