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MXM AhG Kick-off [Apr'09 - Jun'09]

May 5th, 2009

This is the kick-off of the AhG MXM. The AhG mandate is the following:

  1. Continue editing of following standards
    • MXM architecture
    • MXM API
    • MXM Conformance & Reference Software
    • MXM Protocols
  2. Prepare MXM Developer’s Day and disseminate the flyer
  3. Continue the development of reference software
  4. Investigate the possibility of moving MXM protocols as another part of MXM standard.
  5. Investigate the possibility of establishing a policy of having MPEG reference software in form of MXM engine (N10623).
  6. Update MXM website

Concerning 1. and 3., the work is progressing as the MXM community is constantly improving the API while developing the reference software. A new SVN repository has been set-up:, more information for accessing it are available in W10630 and on the MXM web site of course. NOTE: The MXM code will be moved from the old repository ( to this repository on Sunday 10th May. Developers are invited to synchronise their code with the old repository not later than Saturday 9th before the code is moved to the new repository in order to avoid code losses.

Concerning 2., MXM developers interested in presenting MXM Engines or MXM Applications in Session 3 of the MXM Developer’s Day are invited to contact the AhG chairs and submit a proposal for a presentation or a demo.

Discussions are welcome on this reflector and on the MXM blog ( on all the other items.

Best regards,
The MXM AhG chairs

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MXM AhG Kick off

February 13th, 2009

This is the kick off of the MXM AhG. The AhG mandates are the following:

  1. Continue the editing of the following standards: (1) MXM architecture; (2) MXM API; (3) MXM Conformance & Reference Software; (4) MXM Protocols
  2. Develop the plan for MXM Developer’s Day
  3. Continue the development of reference software

We have a new reflector for MXM: (you can subscribe to it by going to the following address: as well as a bright new MXM web site: which will be the main source of information for all MXM-related activities (many thanks to Christian for providing both facilities!).

From now on, all MXM activities will be discussed mainly on this reflector; everyone interested in MXM is welcome to join this reflector and to contribute to improve the MXM web site.

The deadline for the editing period is on the 20th of March, we have slightly more than one month for producing the final version of the CDs. At the last meeting we have also mentioned a possible meeting for this AhG, but due to the tight deadline it looks unlikely that this will be possible. We will instead get in sync over the activities by means of
audio conferences that will be scheduled over time when needed.

The MXM software repository is available at the following URL: As you can see, it has been structured to contain both Java and C/C++ code.

In order to compile and run the Java MXM implementation, you can follow the temporary instructions listed here: (Username: chillout, password: come2chillout) - but soon this information will be moved to the MXM web site.

The C MXM implementation currently only contains the 3DGraphicsEngine, more MXM engines and the MXM Core module defining the CPP APIs will be made available too.

Your comments and contributions to this AhG are welcome.

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