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MXM News from the 90th MPEG Meeting in Xi’an

November 3rd, 2009

The MXM session at the 90th MPEG Meeting in Xi’an, China concluded with a couple of very interesting features to be included into the MXM standard:

  • MPEG-7 Visual API is now covering both video and image media resources;
  • A basic MPEG-4 Audio API has been proposed supporting both encoding and decoding;
  • The Generic Metadata API has been revised in order to accommodate modifications within the W3C Media Annotation API;
  • The exception handling for C++ has been improved;
  • MXM protocol improvements and extensions
    • Improvement of the base protocol message;
    • Improvement of the IPMP tool protocols;
    • Addition of an Event Reporting Collecting Device and corresponding protocols;

We have also received a proposal for including a format identification engine which shall provide means for identifying the coding/transport format of a given bitstream. However, a few open issues needs to be solved before it can be included in the standard and the proponents are encouraged to provide a revised input at the next meeting.

Furthermore, we have produced a couple of so-called 1-pagers (or overview papers) which will appear at MPEG’s Technology Web site soon.

Currently, editors are working on the “Study of …” documents to incorporate the above mentioned additions. These documents have an editing period and we will post here once they are available.

Finally, an MXM presentation entitled Accelerating Media Business Developments has been given at the workshop at Xidian University the day after the 90th MPEG meeting closed.

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